Uno 1.4 D

53kW (72 PS - 71 hp)

Launching year : 1990

performance rate: 7.1/20

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Brand : Fiat
Model : Uno
Version : 1.4 D
Engine Power : 53 kW (72 PS - 71 hp)
Cylinders : 4 cylinders (Inline configuration)
Volume : 1367 cm3
Torque : 131 Nm (2250 RPM)
Transmission : Front Wheel Drive, manual
Weight (average) : 920 kg
Weight/Power ratio : 17.36 kg/kW (12.78 kg/PS)


0 to 100 kph :13.9 s (62 mph)

Author : Gil, Editor 1001Moteurs

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Almost identical performance, this Fiat Uno 1.4 D (72PS), although heavier but with a cylinder capacity exceeding, rivals Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti (68PS) on a 0 to 100 kph standing start.. Better, the Alfa Romeo Arna 1.2 (68PS) is squarely behind the same 0 to 100 kph !

This specs showing the detailed performance of the Fiat Uno 1.4 D (72PS) are an average of the information provided by the car manufacturer "Fiat" and various tests carried out by the specialized press.

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Vehicle Year Power 0-100 kph
Fiat Uno Turbo ie1989118 PS8.2 s
Fiat Uno 1.41994118 PS8.2 s
Fiat Uno Turbo IE1989120 PS8.2 s
Fiat Uno Turbo IE1985107 PS8.3 s
Fiat Uno 1.31990105 PS9.1 s
Fiat Uno Turbo ie1985105 PS9.4 s
Fiat Uno 1.3198371 PS12.3 s
Fiat Uno 70SX198372 PS12.9 s
Fiat Uno 1.4199072 PS13.1 s
Fiat Uno 70 SX IE198973 PS13.2 s
Fiat Uno 1.4 D199072 PS13.9 s
Fiat Uno 1.4 Turbo D198973 PS14.2 s
Fiat Uno 1.5 S Selecta198977 PS14.8 s
Fiat Uno 1.1198560 PS15.0 s
Fiat Uno 1.1199056 PS15.8 s
Fiat Uno 60 S198358 PS15.8 s
Fiat Uno Standard198545 PS16.6 s
Fiat Uno 60 SX198957 PS16.7 s
Fiat Uno 45 Formula198345 PS16.9 s
Fiat Uno 45S Fire198345 PS17.3 s
Fiat Uno 1.0 Fire198946 PS17.7 s
Fiat Uno 60 Selecta198958 PS17.9 s
Fiat Uno 1.7 D198658 PS17.9 s
Fiat Uno 45 Trend198945 PS17.9 s
Fiat Uno 1.3 D198345 PS18.0 s
Fiat Uno 1.0198545 PS18.0 s
Fiat Uno 1.3 Diesel198946 PS21.2 s